Roco 72017 Diesel locomotive class 335, DB



全新品 - 有駕駛室燈 - 有數碼鈎


Diesel locomotive class 335 of the Deutsche Bahn.

■ Model with digital shunting couplers. More play fun guaranteed !
■ Engine front end and gear block made of die cast metal, therefore more dead weight and high tractive power
■ Rich detailing on the model with many plug-in parts and free-standing handlebars
■ Prototypical light and sound functions can be switched via onboard decoder
■ Unobstructed view through the authentic driver's cab
■ Buffer capacitor for uninterruptible power supply

For the shunting of passenger coaches and goods wagons in railway stations, the Deutsche Bundesbahn relied on smaller shunting locomotives early on. The further development of the Köf 11, with power transmission via Cardan shafts and additional axle drive, was presented in 1965 by Gmeinder. From these at first called Köf 12 locomotives, were further 251 shunting locomotives delivered to the Deutsche Bundesbahn as series 333. To save personnel, the Deutsche Bundesbahn fitted a large part of the locomotives with a radio remote control from the end of the 1980s on. The DB designated these locomotives 335 series.

The model can only be operated to a limited extent with analogue driving devices.